Class Details

Time Duration Classification Location Instructor
8:00AM EST @ 10.17.2017
7:00AM CST @ 10.17.2017
6:00AM MTN @ 10.17.2017
5:00AM PST @ 10.17.2017
8.00 Hours On site Cincinnati, OH Zerion Consultant


This class is designed to assist in making decisions that maintains a positive inventory performance from a financial and customer service perspective.

Although this classes is listed as beginning at 8:00 AM EST, this class will begin at 7:30 local time and end at 5:00 pm local time.   Local time is Cincinnati, OH time. 

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation of attendance to on-site classes must be made 10 days prior to the class.  Cancellation after October 6th will result in being invoiced for the full amount of the class. 

Intended For

Purchasing managers/agents, product maintenance personnel, procurement agents and inventory control personnel,

Class Outline

  1. Control Files
  2. Replenishment
    1. Distributive Purchasing
    2. Central Purchasing
    3. Central Warehousing
    4. Central Distribution
  3. Product File Maintenance
    1. Screen Overview
    2. Primary Inventory
    3. Demand Calculation Audit
    4. Order/Line Points
    5. Forecast Parameters
  4. Buyline Maintenance
    1. Targets
    2. Order Cycles
    3. Lead Times
  5. Procurement Group Maintenance
  6. Procurement
    1. Purchase Orders
    2. Transfers
  7. Important Purchasing Queues
    1. Suggest PO Queue
    2. Review PO Backorder Queue
    3. PO Expedite Queue
    4. EDI 855 PO Acknowledgement Review Queue
    5. EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice Review Queue
  8. Solar Only Enhancements
    1. PO Variance Queue
    2. Advance Demand Forecasting
    3. Suggested PO Detail Queue

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This class costs $99.00 per attendee.

Location Address

This class begins at 7:30 am with breakfast.  This is an on-site training.

F.D. Lawrence Electric Company
3450 Beekman Street
Cincinnati, OH 45223


Hotel Information - Please Note You Will Need To Rent A Car If You Are Flying In

Holiday Inn Express Cincinnati West
5505 Rybolt Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45248


Hampton Inn & Suites Newport/Cincinnati
275 Columbia Street
Newport, Kentucky 41071