4 ways Epicor Eclipse users capture cash with analytics - by MITS

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2:00PM EST @ 8.15.2017
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Profit and Loss Statements are great for accountants and the IRS but cash is king when it comes to running your business.  Register for this webinar to learn how analytics for your Epicor Eclipse system can help you capture more cash in these four areas:

 Margin:  Analytics helps you understand—and make a plan for—margin performance across customers, locations, and products. Simply knowing which sales reps are discounting, and which customers are being discounted, can be a goldmine!

 Inventory:  Don’t just find dead stock. Find dying stock so you can get rid of it before it heads into the graveyard. Analytics can also help you boost turns—imagine the impact of going from 2 turns a year to 4.

 Sales: Lost sales from stockouts. Catching declining customers before it is too late. Improved sales training on specific product lines. Analyzing the data in Eclipse can help you improve sales results on many fronts.

 Expenses:  See how expenses are trending against benchmarks as your month unfolds while you still have time to adjust activities and decisions.

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