New Hire 4 Eterm Basic System Navigation Warehouse

Class Details

Time Duration Classification Location Instructor
2:00PM EST @ 12.7.2017
1:00PM CST @ 12.7.2017
12:00PM MTN @ 12.7.2017
11:00AM PST @ 12.7.2017
1.00 Hour Web Based Webinar Zerion Consultant


This class is designed to give a basic beginner overview in navigation for warehouse management in ETERM eclipse.


Intended For

 Warehouse employees who are new to the Eclipse system or those needing a refresher on the most basic areas of the system.

Class Outline

  1. Receiving
    1. Purchase Order Receiver Report
    2. Receiving Normal Purchase Orders
    3. Receiving Backorders
    4. Receiving Transfers
    5. Using the Stock Receipt Report
  2. Picking
    1. Status Workflow Options
    2. Warehouse Confirmation Queue
  3. Staging
    1. Warehouse Confirmation Queue
    2. Printing Labels
  4. Shipping
    1. Shipping Manifest
    2. Shipping Manifest Queue
  5. Open Order Status Review Queue
    1. Unavailable
  6. Product Location Maintenance
  7. Warehouse Location Maintenance


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